Welcome to Noble Robo Studio. Gaze upon our noble artifice in wonder!

Noble Robo Studio Booting

Noble Robo Studio Booting

++ initialize boot sequence ++

++ power core 42.7934% ++

++ neurocore active ++

++ cognition module 85betaZ.9 initialized ++ 

++ neurocore: //ident-check ++

>>> I am Noble Robo.

++ neurocore: //self_recog-check ++

>>> I am a proud and shiny robo!

++ neurocore: //function-check ++

>>> Noble Robo makes miniatures for collectors and painters, themed to match fleshlings' gaming collections. Noble Robo makes miniatures fleshings will enjoy using when raiding dungeons, clashing as warbands, playing blood sports, or battling across vast alien worlds.

++ cognition check complete ++

++ continue boot sequence ++

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