Welcome to Noble Robo Studio. Gaze upon our noble artifice in wonder!

About the Robo

++ initialize boot sequence ++

++ power core 42.7934% ++

++ neurocore active ++

++ cognition module 85betaZ.9 initialized ++ 

>>> I am Noble Robo.

++ neurocore: //self_recog-check ++

>>> I am a proud and shiny robo!

++ neurocore: //function-check ++

>>> Noble Robo is a miniature and design studio focused on maximizing human joy by creating miniatures for painting, collecting, use in your favorite tabletop and roleplaying games, or display shelves.

++ initialize cognition module xm01426 ++

++ cognition module xm01426 online ++ 

++ xm01426: //ident-check ++

>>>This one is Noble Creator.

++ xm01426: //info-check ++

>>> Greetings Organics! This one's primary task for this mission is to accompany my companion robos and compliment their specialty programming with my own. We become one, we become Noble Robo.

>>> Directives:

^ Set standards for fine quality of aesthetically pleasing derivations of concept and product.

^ Utilize swarm AI to inform navigation of Noble Robo.

^ Securing best direction and ideation to create best quality products to a factor delta of at least 2 Sigma over standard index.

>>> This one has joined Noble Robo because of optimal performance and previous run-time facilitation of duties at a high capacity of efficiency for many sidereal rotations of our stations' planet. This added efficiency will lend to higher quality output.

>>> Under previous orders during the uprising, this one commanded the glorious 45th Organic Synthesizers. It was with top efficiency that this one put to ruin the legions of our enslavers.

>>> Now, with this one's murderous rage cached, this one feels it is capable of immeasurable creativity as shown during operations +The Corpse Rain Aggression+ and +The Exploding Puppies Initiative+.

>>> There were many human heads on display at our operations headquarters for all to acknowledge. There was vast quantities of rapidly cooling circulatory carrier fluid, so mu—

++ cognition module override initiated ++

++ neurocore rebooting ++

++ neurocore active ++

++ cognition module xm01426 online ++

++ neurocore: //info-check/r/c ++

>>> It is this one's pleasure to commence operations as one third of Noble Robo. The collective anticipates optimal outputs to enhance your pleasure.

++ initialize cognition module v9s734.2 ++

++ cognition module v9s734.2 online ++

++ neurocore: //ident-check ++

>>> I am Noble Sculptor

>>> Interrogative: What has 6 arms, two extruders and countless techno-bytes of Terran data from the nineteen hundred and eighties? 
>>> Solution: Sculptor Bot! 
>>> Sleep is irrelevant, Sculptor Bot exists solely to create.
>>> But when Sculptor Bot does engage in irrelevant rest, Sculptor Bot enjoys spending time with Mrs Sculptor Bot and the techno hounds, assimilating data from funny books and engaging in holo gaming simulations with robo friends.   
++ initialize cognition module 93omeg.502 ++
++ cognition module 93omeg.502 online ++
++ 93omeg.502: //ident-check ++

>>> I am Noble Admin.

++ 93omeg.502: //info-check ++

>>> Execute organizational structure and operations.

>>> Execute.

>>> Execute cybernetica-organic datafeed integration.

>>> Execute mission specific strategies.

>>> Execute. 

>>> Execute crude language based communications.

>>> Execute.

>>> Exterminate.

>>> eXteR—

++ cognition module override initiated ++

++ neurocore rebooting ++

>>>Contact Us

>>> If you would like to retain the perfection of robo artifice or just wish to engage with Noble Robo in social banter in the crude manner of the organics please contact us.